Monday, March 17, 2014

Hooray For Today: FREE Egg McMuffin!

03.17.2014 – McDonald’s has been organizing a Free McMuffin Day in promoting their breakfast menu for a while.

When you talk about FREE Filipinos are a bit excessive that it’s like a zombie apocalypse is happening. But you know the word “Free” is a VERY strong word and everyone is there immediately.

The Hooray for Today campaign has been running for the past years and McDonald’s breakfast is second to none. Well they still compete with the Philippines’ own fast food restaurant on a daily basis. But McDo has found their brand of serving you breakfast like it’s your go to menu in the morning.

They have been promoting the free Egg McMuffin in the past week and they are giving it away means one per customer. Then there’s this option that you also have to order breakfast. Mornings are not as crazy as it’s used to be when you’re just going to McDo and having a quick bite.

But when you talk about giving away something the crowd grows like the traffic in Ayala Avenue seems like a parking lot all the way out of EDSA. You can’t blame that kind of promotion and FREE is something Filipinos excessively cherished when you talk about food

The line starts at the entrance where the attendants hand you a coupon and off to the cashier at the same time they take your order viola there’s your breakfast. The free Egg McMuffin looks like a treat for your loyal support in dinning in for their breakfast as things goes smoothly as you’ll ever see these kind of images during the day…

It’s a rare feat for McDonald’s to take this day as their version of “Free Comic Book Day”, and the only difference is they serve one Egg McMuffin per customer who has to order a breakfast meal.

The competing restaurant must have been thinking of a gimmick too, but McDo has the upper hand in this annual FREE giveaway. It’s just the only thing that’s surprising is why do they have to put ads of breakfast menu paired with a soda?

Breakfast should be one of the healthiest parts of the day; sure FREE Egg McMuffins are great campaign to promote the store why not go ahead be healthy too serving juices instead of sodas.

But then again you’re wise enough to get an orange or pay extra for the pineapple juice to start the day.

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