Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bonchon Chicken: Fish n' Chips

01.03.2016 – The start of 2016 why not have the cravings for Bonchon? Best known internationally as chicken restaurant franchise from South Korea it has become one of the favorite places right now in the places with their original meals.

Rarely the place to go but for Fish n’ Chips why not? There’s no better alternative after having it somewhere in the world like previously from Australia a year ago. Bon Chon has Fish n’ Chips in their menu, but their chickens are the hot seller that made the franchise is known globally and here weighing in how authentic these chips are.

If you’re tired of the usual fast food restaurants try something new and different. For personal experience it’s been a while to ever have fish n’ chips, which is a popular meal in some parts of Australia that is definitely rare to have it locally back in the Philippines. Bonchon may have the best alternative besides their best selling chicken with their Fish n’ Chips.

Though the price is not as competitive that you expected it still delivers with their own brand of Fish n’ Chips that quite differs from the usual fast food you’ve been having for a while. The texture though may not have been what you expected when captured but the actual meal looks better from human eyes.

There’s a 10 minute wait for the meal to be served and for a Burger Café it’s understandable, but it took more than the time they advised though it was all good when it finally served to the table.

Overall it’s not that bad but once you’ve been having it definitely you’ll want more as tasty as it goes, but the fries are not as satisfactory for most competitive restaurants out there. It still good a balance for the friend fish they paired off with their version of fries that holds up, but we’ll leave your taste buds curios for this to have one for yourself while you’re at it.

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