Monday, March 14, 2016

Nat'l Brekkie Day: FREE McMuffin!

03.14.2016 – Every year McDonald’s has been promoting their “National Breakfast Day” by giving away FREE McMuffin.

For the past three years that experience has become an annual thing for more who look forward to the first meal of the day.

This is slowly has become the most familiar day for more who just want to grab free McMuffins similar to what Free Comic Book Day, but some don’t bother the importance about what this day is all about.

The event is not only limited to the Philippines this happens across Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. Being the first meal of the day McDonald’s encourages everyone to have the best feast every morning dubbed “Hooray for the Day.”

Probably the slogan right now is not being used but it came part of the promotion in the past three years they are having this promotional event. If you missed this year’s event check out some of the images taken below:

This happens beginning at 6 AM but as early as 5 AM there’s already a long line in one McDonald’s restaurant. But for this year service is smoother in transition compared to the past two years that most of them are taking full advantage of this event to get their McMuffin giveaway.

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