Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Stacker's Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger!

10.26.2016 – There have been a lot of burger joints or restaurants that opened in the Philippines for the past years. It’s no secret Filipinos adore eating hamburgers, which is an American meal that will forever be part of the culture.

It’s one of the rare occasions that we try something out of the ‘norm’ as you all know there is a huge market for restaurants that have mainly burgers in their menu. Stackers Burger Café is one of those joints that have burgers as their primary meals where they serve variations of the ‘usual favorites’ like the Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger.

On a late afternoon ordering Stackers’ Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger there were no fries or drinks included as they don’t have a combo, but they have a buy one get one promo though you get a different burger for free.

Probably the slogan right now is not being used but it came part of the promotion in the past three years they are having this promotional event. If you missed this year’s event check out some of the images taken below:

The other special promo is their ‘Burger Monday Cheat Day,’ where you pay for the second Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger 50% off. But it’s not yet Monday so settling on a regular purchase of the Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger was just fine with fries and soda paid with an additional fee.

There’s a 10 minute wait for the meal to be served and for a Burger Café it’s understandable, but it took more than the time they advised though it was all good when it finally served to the table.

Though it’s not as what you expected but close enough presentation was comparable to the product image that was advertised in their menu. The fries though were not as memorable as the burger itself, but it will all do together with the chilled soda. Visually you might not be able to finish the burger in one go. Devouring it patiently is the best way to appreciate how they put this thing together.

Not an expert to describe how it is comparable to well-known burger joints that also serve a similar version of the Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger, but Stackers’ holds its own with their beef patties just right that’s mouth watering. If the image doesn’t give you the reason to try it personally the amount of time taking this in is good enough it’s a good 10 minute wait (which was actually fifteen minutes) to chow down on this burger like its taking away the time waiting for it.

Overall it’s something to try it but budget wise not for the conscious about spending for a burger that caters to a higher market. But if you just want to try it in one go why not right? Is not everyday you spend on a high premium burgers. What makes it mouth quenching is when its there already and during the time consuming this we’re pressed for time which was an insurmountable feat that it was the best choice ordered on a post-lunch afternoon.

“Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger” is one of many burgers Stackers served in their branches. For more about their promos and menu LIKE Stackers Burger Café on Facebook!

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