Thursday, October 27, 2016

Miss Buttercream | A Slice of Classic Butter

10.27.2016 – Recently concluded Christmas Bazaar press launch for Circuit Makati had loads of fun seeing what to expect for the event next month. There will be six villages set up for this year and it will be at the Circuit Makati grounds.

One of those villages features local celebrity moms selling their crafts, and other neat stuff. But for Nikki Valdez she’ll be bringing here Miss Buttercream business representing her passion for baking.

We had the chance to take home one of her to sample slices of her much talk about Buttercream cakes from the event.

She had two whole cakes on display and had given away samples to the media, where Nikka served only two flavors which are the Classic Butter and the Red Velvet Cocoa. Ms. Valdez says most adults go for the Classic Butter, while the kids adore getting their hands on the Red Velvet Cocoa.

The slice given away from yesterday’s events that was given to us is the Classic Butter, but weighing on this most who have tasted both flavors would go for the Red Velvet Cocoa as the Classic Butter may have been good, but we couldn’t compare it from another brand that also produce the same flavour.

But since we never had the chance to get a sample for the Red Velvet Cocoa the Classic Butter still taste good. Though the presentation in photo is not what you’d expect since this slice was handed out towards the end of the event.

You may have the chance to taste both on November 18 to 20, 2016 at the outdoor Christmas Bazaar that will also feature other vendors and Mercato Centrale at the Circuit Makati. For more about the cakes follow Miss Buttercream by Nikki Valdez on Instagram!

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