Friday, October 28, 2016

Hut Feasts | German Sausage Pizza

10.28.2016 – Pizza restaurants has expanded with other brands becoming a competitive market. But Pizza Hut manages to be relevant with the times offering some great promos to keep customers from coming back.

There have been new pizza restaurants out there and recent ones is the current trend due to its popularity for being new.

But the ones before continue to thrive and being relevant is a tough act to be consistent. Pizza Hut on the other hand has been around still ‘making it great’ for Filipinos with their combo meals.

If budget permits there’s always combo meals, which is the usual thing Filipinos spend on when they are financially tight. It’s not rare for a country who has made this business model a creative thing for those who has been around long enough to keep up with the times and Pizza Hut just keeps on churning and mixing up with their menus introducing some good eats.

They have the ‘Hut Feasts’ going on lately with combos that definitely saves you a few pesos to spend at the same time appreciating how Pizza Hut delivers their classic tag line ‘fresh and hot.’ We ordered one of their ‘Hut Feasts’ combo meal that served two soup and spaghetti with the Garman Sausage flavoured pizza.

Though not in photo the mushroom soup has been part of their menu, but the one served wasn’t as hot stuff though it still has the same signature taste. The spaghetti wasn’t much devoured still carry the Pizza Hut taste, but the sauce was less thickly compared to back in the day. But the pizza was surely a winner on this one being Pizza Hut this one delivered with cheesy goodness.

The one ordered can have one guy devour it but since we’re trying Pizza Hut’s budget meal ‘Hut Feasts’ it was surely a winner. Even kids would eat this up that they’ll ask for more with this flavour goodness.

Overall though they missed the spot on the spaghetti sauce and the not-so hot mushroom soup. They scored with their German Sausage flavoured pizza that definitely was the main course that they still consistently have delivered. It was a good meal as a post-lunch afternoon snack and we’ll try their other offers under the ‘Hut Feasts’ next time which you should try too.

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