Sunday, October 30, 2016

Three Sweet Treats from Daily Swit!

10.30.2016 – Outdoor events is a mix of a lot of good things just like any bazaars, carnivals or fairs they have one key ingredient that’s part of the interest is food. There’s always something interesting out there to try and indulge, but universally food is being part of that whenever you go see an event.

That’s why there are weekend markets in bigger cities that cater to the type of vendor that you won’t find anywhere. But with social media you’ll find food vendors out there that serve something out of the ordinary.

Well take this one from Cavite-based food vendor that serves desserts just started that give’s you a ‘Daily Swit’ indulgence.

If you’re into sweet desserts then ‘Daily Swit’ is right up your alley, but if you’re not from Cavite a simple trip to where they’ll be part of the event is worth the drive to place your order with some of their interesting treats.

But if you’re having doubts here’s some what they have in their menu that you might find it worth your sweet tooth:

Cheese Tarts that’s right up your budget

You know the trend lately with Cheese Tarts they’re some kind of big deal, but ‘Daily Swit’ serves them beyond the norm. They are not taking orders and recently based on the Facebook comments they’re quite good. How about the Choco Mond or the Oreo Cheese Tart have you seen these flavors before? Maybe you want to try them when they start taking orders as this is their hot seller right now.

Getting Loco over that Wacco Waffle

It has a hilarious name but when you look at it you might go crazy over its presentation. A scoop of ice cream will make you crave for some more combo toppings, which is ready to serve your mouth-watering needs.

A Bowl of Churro Ice Cream

This might be a midnight snack when this was posted in their Facebook page. The sheer gravity of cravings is too much for someone burning the midnight oil. But this is one of Daily Swit’s must haves if you happen to see them in events nearby.

BONUS: Where to find them next

Daily Swit will be at The Monochrome this Monday October 31, 2016 at Nuvali for the ‘Blocktober’ an event of fun-filled mega block party loaded with games, rides, giant inflatables, carnival booths, and food. It’s their second event participation that you might want to drop by and make the road trip.

For more and future events LIKE Daily Swit on Facebook and follow on Instagram for further details!

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