Saturday, March 1, 2014

Siesta Time at California Pizza Kitchen!

03.01.2014 – Afternoon and good food comes in a long way when you think about a siesta afternoon won’t be complete without something to munch and indulged. In the Philippines sometimes this is called “Merienda” time that’s a random thing in a middle of the afternoon that some hardly missed.

California Pizza Kitchen of simply CPK has some that would savor your appetite a few hours after lunch.

It’s hardly unnoticed to some that this well-known restaurant has adapted some menus for Filipino consumers, which is quite a delight and a little bit of a surprise.

After catching up a special screening for an animated feature like Peabody & Sherman this is probably where things end up at CPK. It’s pizza for three to four people and a plate of noodle-like pancit (Filipino noodle dish) that fills up the mid-afternoon…

Rarely a family restaurant like CPK has something unique, but they are certainly adapted to the Philippine culture scene being relevant so many years.

All its needs are people craving for their food and spending a premium afternoon having it.

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