Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Whopper Jr. Alternative!

02.22.2014 – Burgers they are something to crave for whenever you think of restaurants that have them. Mouthwatering goodness cannot be denied if you haven’t had one in a long time. It’s an American food that most people like to get their bite on and what way to have it for dinner sometime.

Burger King does have something to say about their burgers because they have been known about it since the day they became popular. The Whopper is their king of burgers, but sometimes when you’re in a budget you have to find an alternative for that huge chunk of meat to have a light snack.

The Whopper Jr. is one such alternative smaller than its bigger brother, but inside it’s all the ingredients that have packed each Burger King that has served you. Certainly you’ll be a king for dinner or anytime in-between and you’ll wash it down with an ice cold Apple juice that’s certainly a treat after having a combination with some regular fires with that…

Are hungry much? Surely you’ll be craving after seeing this image and running to nearest BK store won’t stop you from having a bite right now.

Well you just got to #TasteTheKing and find out!

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