Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tune Hotels Opens in Ortigas!

02.18.2014 – When you travel the only place to stay is a convenient hotel aside from having relatives living in that particular place. But most of the time it is the comfort of booking the best place to having it as your second home.

Tune Hotels is one such place for those looking for an affordable way to stay overnight or through the course of your travels. Recently the have opened their 8th branch in the Philippines which have Angeles City, Ermita, Makati, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Quezon City with plans to open two more in 2014…

The newest branch located in Ortigas along Shaw Boulevard can easily be seen with its signature red circular logo which you’ll definitely not miss it. In the last two years Tune Hotels has opened and continues to expand.

Sahlee Zaldivia, the Country Head for the owner of Red Planet hotels who manages Tune Hotels is confident of strengthening the company’s commitment to the local tourism in industry. “By the end of 2014, we will have a total of 1,720 rooms with ten hotels in the Philippines, cementing our position as the largest internationally owned and operated hotel brand in the country” she said.

“Not only are we growing in numbers, but we have received a great deal of acceptance among the traveling public for the value for money that we provide.”

For those who haven’t heard about Tune Hotels it’s a three star hotel with a five star experience as Ms. Zaldivia expressed that they are fully committed to helping expand, and grow with, the international and domestic travel industries in the Philippines.

If you haven’t stepped in Tune Hotels here are five things you should find in their rooms for a quick tour breaking down the details here:

The Hallway of Music

The 182-room at Tune Hotels in Ortigas plays music in their halls. Not just some music but to make the environment friendly and relaxing they are playing good sounds for your comfortable stay.

It’s rare to find a place to stay without good music that definitely makes the place livable. Tune Hotels have this concept that you’ll feel “at home” not only in the comfort of each room but just in the hallway to have a relaxing music it the right place to stay.

Wireless Internet Everywhere

Most hotels only have internet access at the lobby, but Tune Hotels has it everywhere you go. It’s a “Wi-Fi Heaven” not only at the lobby, but also in the hallways and inside your room. The wi-fi service for your room is an add-on to pay that extra fee. If you don’t carry any mobile device that’s wi-fi enabled you can ask the people at the front desk about accessing their workstation. They have three computer stations for you to access your email and browsing online.

Single or Double Beds

Tune Hotels has a standard set up on their beds. Either going on solo or having two beds in one room. The solo bed is composed of two beds in one room. They don’t change the size of the bed but have a standard size on either for solo or double.

When you try lying down the bed its feels like you are in a five star hotel. It’s as comfy the way you want to be. You’re just actually paying for a 3 star hotel price having that kind of comfortable experience.

The Modern Way to Stay

Some hotels are not as modern as you may think. But Tune Hotels are keeping with the times with wi-fi internet access. They also want you to feel secured and not having inconvenience for the reason they want you to feel special.

When it comes to staying at Tune Hotels they have modern technology working for you. Instead of having traditional keys they have key cards. This concept has been around but their key card can do more than just let you lock the door and access your room.

It also has access to your air condition and a setting that you don’t want to be disturbed which would indicate at your entrance. This will also let the staff know that you are in your room or not as the light indicators can be seen at your door.

Some Other Convenient Options

Tune Hotels won’t be this convenient in pricing without having the best options for you to experience staying in their place. They have flat screen television, hair dryer, ceiling fan, and a safe for your important valuables.

Every room has their spacious bathroom and Tune Hotels make sure they are being maintained very well. Of course the only thing that is optional is the view from which room you’ll stay.

Tune Hotels have locations in Malaysia (12) since establishing in 2007. They also have branches in Indonesia (19), Thailand (14), England (5), India (1), Naha Okinawa in Japan (1), Scotland (1), and in Melbourne, Australia (1).

Tune Hotels Ortigas is one of the eight hotels in the Philippines and four branches in Metro Manila and they will continue to expand. The hotel started operations on February 6, 2014.

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