Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trans-Atlantic Homemade Bread!

02.16.2014 – When you talk about homemade bread there’s nothing like one baked at your oven and served hot and fresh.

But this bread did a transatlantic flight from Illinois to Korean and then to the Philippines in less than twenty four hours.

A relative had made this by hand and baked in the oven in the Windy City that has something to do with Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, United Center, and the Blues Brothers.

Well there’s more about Chicago that everyone would be interested to know but homemade bread is not one of them.

Well upon its arrival it was immediately eaten as you should know it won’t taste good if you don’t consume the greatness of homemade bread.

There’s nothing good than home cooking, but baking takes a different level of goodness. It has cheese inside that makes the flavor quite the tasty bread and the image does not justify having in for real.

It’s something rare for a relative to make their treat and carry it all the way from the US. Some goods need to be disposed as some countries are very strict about bringing food. Australia is one of those countries not allow you to bring that needs to be consumed.

But this one was good enough to be consumed right after its arrival.

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