Friday, February 14, 2014

Via Phil Teams Up with Jam, PhilTranco, & Ohayami Trans!

02.14.2014 – VIA Philippines is Asia’s Travel Network and has been serving travelers since 2006.

The travel agency is the best place to book your flights in Asia and continues its expansion in the Philippines.

VIA has been known as the travel agency in Asia that was first known as that established itself in bringing convenience to travelers all over the region.

Now they have partnered with three bus lines in the Philippines.

VIA teams up with Jam Liner, PhilTranco and Ohayami as they signed an agreement that lets you take advantage of the convenience in booking your land travels all over the Philippines online.

Jam Line, Philranco, and Ohayami Trans three of the country’s well-known bus lines will be able to let their customers’ book online without the need to stand in line for hours at the bus station. This will revolutionize taking online booking for flights to bus lines in the Philippines modernizing the concept of land travel to cut time going to bus station to purchase a ticket to making it more a benefit to be ahead.

This will also track the passengers who are aboard a specific bus traveling. Definitely a benefit and convenience for the travelers who has limited time to wait and being booked in advance when they travel to provinces specially when summer and Holy Week is just around the corner.

The service will be available starting next week and this is just a first for the country to be able for you to take advantage in booking your bus travels online.

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