Friday, January 10, 2014

Wendy's Burgers, Fries... And Salads!

01.10.2014 – Wendy’s is rarely in the picture when you talk about eating fast food. It’s because they are putting value in what you eat.

From their fries, burgers, and other things that the big two (Jollibee and McDonald’s) don’t serve the red haired girl in the logo has figured to stand out.

If you’re a typical consumer who just goes eat anywhere then maybe you can put a little bit value on what you devoured on a daily basis.

Wendy’s may not attract the Filipino masses because ‘this will do’ mentality is not the answer to everyday eats just because of value for money.

You can’t be choosy and would rather go about eating at the number one fast food chain in the Philippines or be wiser with eating to save up in taking a bite at a premium. Wendy’s has a wide variety of salads that other competing brands don’t have… Well they have it in another country. But there’s only one restaurant that serves them fresh.

Their sandwiches may not be as popular with the “Burger, burger… Please! Please” jingle but they are surely what you see in their menu. They serve it big because you’re paying a premium. The fries have it be it regular, medium, big or Biggie Wendy’s has it for you.

Don’t start with the salads but knowing you missed the classic salad bar they still have some choices and that’s what keeps some from coming back. It’s a healthy it either to a vegan or just someone who thinks it’s better than just meat to eat. There are also baked beans and that cold ice cream in a cup. Wendy’s has it that some might think of getting it for their menu. But for now Wendy’s is your alternative to healthy eating when it comes to salads.

So if you’re craving for something in mind during lunch, maybe it’s time to try Wendy’s for a change because #WeDeserveIt right.

They serve it fresh, hot and fast and for more about their menu LIKE Wendy’s Philippines on Facebook!

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