Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Whopper in BK's Philippine History!

01.12.2014 – If you’re tired of the usual conventional burger joint, and wanting to just spend a little than go to another expensive restaurant to have the beast meal.

Yes… The “Beast Meal” of the day maybe Burger King might be right at your alley.

They may not have the usual familiar meal that you’ve been consuming for the past months, but they have those iconic burgers who still continue to be relevant up to the present.

Sometimes burgers being served and have them known for years are not the usual ones that you are some five years ago.

Burger King is #TasteTheKing if you really want your burgers to have all the ingredients that you’ve tasted growing up. BK’s iconic burger would be The Whopper which continues to whop you taste buds like no other even though Jollibee is the one owning the brand in the Philippines. Surely that’s something trivial to know that the local brand is now holding the franchise.

For those who haven’t been in the loop Burger King arrived in the Philippines sometime in 1997 and opened its branches. If you remember the “Drink All You Can” counter then it must be a breeze having so much soda that they kept the tag line “Have It Your Way.” But knowing some Filipinos for its excessive adoration to drink all you can, that particular product slowly was phased out. The Ayala Corp. was the company who brought the franchise locally then it was passed on to Manny V. Pangilinan’s company and now Jollibee Food Corp. is handling the brand with their target market shifting to yuppies and office workers who would take a bite.

Of course since due to the changes some of their stuff in their menu like the Kids Meal like Jollibee’s product that includes free toys is no longer available which changes the image of BK slightly not to compete with its flagship company.

They still retain some of the iconic products Burger King has, but the image has definitely bit toned down since Jollibee Food Corp acquired the American brand.

But the big servings are still there for you to indulge on why you should appreciate to #TasteTheKing of burgers like the Whopper and Chicken Sandwiches. You might be nostalgic right now if you have experience drowning yourself in their drink all you can station or collecting the complete set of the Rugrats toys just one of the few popular collectibles included from their Kids Meal.

Too bad they don’t serve Milo products as part of their drinks unlike in Singapore or those ice cold drinks that’s been selling like hotcakes at Hungry Jacks (Burger King’s only restaurant with an alternate name outside the US) in Australia.

Burger King is not the king you knew being toned down not to appear competing with its franchise owner and hopefully those who are handling the brand should attract more customers not only yuppies or people who works in the office. Not to mention focusing on college students, because Burger King is not just Whoppers and Onion Rings it’s the restaurant that became the king.

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