Friday, January 3, 2014

Malaysia Airlines In-Flight Meal Return Trip.

01.03.2014 –Closing the travel with another in-light meal from Malaysian airlines seems to be the appropriate story on this trip.

Rarely you’ll ever travel for longer hours and have a full size meal or just a small snack being distributed.

It is great to travel and at the same time experience having a taste of some cuisine not sold in your country. Traveling back to Kuala Lumpur was a breeze with no turbulence compared to the trip going to Australia.

Definitely the in-flight food distributed is different from the last time and here is the meal they served…

It was raining heading back to Malaysia and the weather just caught up to the connecting flight back to Manila. Surely you have to wait as the plane refuels for that journey and while the flight is delayed peanuts where served.

Quite an interesting treat for the travelers going back to their point of origin, and the waiting game couldn’t be that long as there are options for self entertainment. But having peanut by the time the plane took off above thrity thousand feet is something to past the time. The main course meal isn’t going to be served until a few hours later.

This time heading back there’s no option for you to choose which movie you want to see. But the trip is smoother heading back to Manila, while food finally is being served. They let you choose if its fish or chicken.

The trip was great now its time for Filipino food after touch down back to the Motherland.

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