Thursday, January 2, 2014

O’Sushi O’Bento at Adelaide Central Market!

01.02.2014 – In the past day most of the food you have read originated from western country. Rarely or never had the chance to try something oriental, but O’Sushi O’Bento fits that category of a Japanese food outlet in Adelaide Central Market.

The trip there aside from the last minute souvenir shopping is to see how their dry market looks like. Usually when you talk about places that sell fresh food means it’s not dry and seafood being sold that gives you an idea it’s not clean. But in Adelaide that’s entirely opposite. They have the food court and O’Sushi O’Bento is located there…

O’Sushi O’Bento serves up sushi and bento boxes. Not to forget they have the best Takoyaki balls in Adelaide, and it’s obvious that they are the only Japanese food outlet there serving the best.

The employers are Japanese and that’s how authentic they are having them prepare your food by the locals from the rising sun. The sushi is served in a clear plastic with the sauce in its tiny squeezable bottle. Even a six year old would definitely enjoy having it for lunch and you can see how organized the sushi being packaged.

For lunch the Spicy Yakiniku is the bestseller as what they say, and it doesn’t disappoint with a large serving for $7.30 AU dollars this is Japanese bento as it’s finest.

Then grab a drink of Fanta Grape to complete your lunch meal, that definitely something different from the past few days.

Details of the image can say it is something you should try if ever you travel to Adelaide and visit the Central Market. Something you can never pass up to see what other Japanese cuisine they have in their menu.

O’Sushi O’Bento is located at 61 Grote St Adelaide SA 5000. You can contact the restaurant at: +61 8 8410 3688

They are open at: 10:30 SM – 3:30 PM.

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