Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Beat the Aussie Heat with Sprite Zero!

01.01.2014 – Sprite Zero has been around as “Sugar Free Sprite” in 1974, and changed it to “Diet Sprite” in 1983. In some countries it is known as “Sprite Light.” In 2002 the name changed in various territories to the current name.

This was changed due to that the Coca-Cola Company introduced Fanta Zero and Coca-Cola Zero. In Australia this has been part of their product, which is unavailable in some markets like in the Philippines especially in a 600ml bottle.

Usually you get Coca-Cola products in a standard 500ml but never in a 600ml bottle in Australia…

The taste is of course “zero sugar” and it’s not that usual sweet Sprite that you know. For a 600 ml this is something unavailable anywhere. It doesn’t have that sweet aftertaste like the standard Sprite.

If Coca-Cola Philippines is reading this they should try bringing this to the local market. At least for a limited time only to test the taste of the local drinker maybe Coke Ph should give this a go at trying to bring a variety aside from the usual Coke Zero drink.

This will be an interesting try for everyone who is already used to the Coca-Cola variety to expand the Sprite product, and if anyone had an idea how this looked like check out the images below:

Enjoy the Aussie summer with Sprite Zero and for more LIKE Coca-Cola Australia on Facebook!

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