Saturday, December 28, 2013

Maccas Gives You The Mighty Angus!

12.28.2013 – Every McDonald’s store all over the world has its unique set of menus. Australia’s own Maccas have its unique burgers and it’s the Mighty Angus. They say it’s as big as Hungry Jack’s Whopper burger but it’s entirely popular on its own.

There are three Angus burgers being served by Maccas the Angry, Mighty and Grand. It’s like spicy, medium and large in size with great taste.

Taking a closer look at Mighty Angus will definitely make you crave to find out if you’re not based in anywhere in Australia. Besides the Might Angus taking a look on the Frozen Sprite Mixed flavors…

How might is the Angus burger at Maccas? The box itself gives you some details and description of this much talked about burger upon opening it. Just like on the previous feature with their McWrap they put dedication on making their customers assured that for each food they served inform you about the benefits.

If you haven’t met the Mighty Angus burger at Maccas maybe these pictures below would give you an idea…

The Frozen Sprite has six flavors and you can also mix it up not to forget that it’s refillable. But enough brain freezes would prevent you to having a second round but these images below would hope they would have this at your McDonald’s…

The Mighty Angus is one of many exclusives at Maccas in Australia and for more of their menu visit:

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