Friday, December 27, 2013

Hungry Jack's Frozen Mix of Coke & Raspberry!

12.27.2013 – After having a cup of warm drink at 710 metres about sea level at The Summit in Mt. Lofty it’s time to cool down with Hungry Jack’s Frozen Coke or Raspberry only for $1.00 AU dollars. Hungry Jack’s is Burger King outside Australia.

To shorten the long history when BK was planning to open a franchise they couldn't use the brand name.

They decided on pick a name that was already registered and its then corporate parent Pillsbury getting the name “Hungry Jack’s” one of Pillsbury's US pancake mixture products…

Just like Burger King, Hungry Jack’s is famous for their burgers but makes them a favorite among the locals at Adelaide is they have the allergen and nutritional guides for you to know what ingredients they put in their products.

The Hungry Jack’s store is the last petrol station you’ll see at the BP On The Run before heading to a road trip. It’s the busiest Hungry Jack’s branch at night where it has only four assigned staff.

On the other side of the store there’s a grocery that is open 24/7 for those who can do last minute shopping before the ahead. What they are currently promoting right now is their Frozen Coke and Raspberry drink that seemed similar to 7 eleven’s Slurpee but it’s not.

This frozen smoothie certainly is a bargain at $1.00 AU dollars served in LARGE container. Definitely something to cool down the heat in Adelaide for the summer holidays in South Australia…

Frozen Coke or Raspberry is at $1.00 AU dollars at Hungry Jacks. For more of this product LIKE Hungry Jacks on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @Hungry_Jacks

For a complete menu visit at:

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