Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Having a McWrap at Maccas!

12.24.2013 – McDonald’s in Australia is known as “Maccas” to what the Philippines call it “McDo” where Aussies are fond of making names short. It sounded like another fast food restaurant but IT IS a different McDonald’s altogether.

The McDonald’s in Australia is health conscious not comparing it to the Philippines well… You get the idea how Maccas put more effort on your nutrition intake.

What’s so interesting about their menu is they have a wide range of healthy options. In the counter they have this placard saying “The average adult daily energy intake is 8700kj.”

Every label or print in their box or food wrapper Maccas has the details concerning the nutrients and calorie intake on your food. Their menu is something you will NEVER see in another McDonald’s outside Australia. To each on its own for Australia it applies to concern that they may be one of the countries that has the leading causes for obesity.

But then again it’s not hard to adapt in making an effort to spread the influence about healthy eating. Maccas have the menu for their salads and it’s a first to see a McDonald’s store in Australia to have a salad.

Speaking of salads they also have the McWrap which looks like KFC’s Twister only twice bigger which appears to be healthy and tasty too. This flavor is Chicken and Honey Soy which by far the best among the three flavors as suggested.

The other is the Chicken and Aioli which has juicy tomatoes all wrapped crispy or grilled all wrapped up in a warmed tortilla. Then they also have the Spicy Mayo either you get Crispy or Grilled that includes crunchy cucumbers and tantalizing Spicy Mayo. Now you’re talking about thinking IF McDonald’s Philippines will have these. The answer would be either a polite excuse or a big NO.

They also have salads and by the time you finished reading this you might want to have one right now. But once you’re done devouring that McWrap cool it down with a Frozen Sprite and you got SIX flavors to choose from. Or you can order all flavors in one mix and you can go back and have a refill if you’re still up to it.

Its Christmas Summer in Australia and what a way to enjoy a cool Frozen Sprite Splash, which is also refillable or in Philippine terms “bottomless” until you get enough multiple brain freeze to stop.

The Frozen Sprite flavors are Wild Grape, Green Apple, Fairy Floss (Cotton Candy), Pineapple, Bubble Gum, plain Frozen Sprite. You can mix them altogether and if you’re still not satisfied come back for another round. It’s different from 7 Eleven’s Slurpee and you could never go wrong having one basking in the sun.

Second day in Australia wasn’t enough to try what Maccas have McDonald’s Philippines doesn’t and for more of their menu visit: McDonalds.com.au

Check out their promos and events LIKE McDonalds Australia on Facebook and follow on Instagram at: @maccasau

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