Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Preview: Jamie Oliver's Christmas Pudding!

12.25.2013 – There are puddings but what are they? It’s actually a dessert but it can also be a dish worth to have on a Christmas day.

Though there won’t be ACTUAL photo of that pudding but an exterior image of Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Italian-Style Pudding.

Jamie Oliver is well known chef and he has a show on TLC (The Learning Channel) called fifteen minute meals. In Australia he’s the brand ambassador at Woolworths where all his products are available. It might be a kitchenware or that pudding which is a curiosity to for once try getting your hands on IF it is available in your supermarket.

Nobody can ever have a good pudding, especially if it’s Italian-style pudding to eat on Christmas day courtesy of Jamie Oliver.

This one was sitting on a counter while just cleaning up for Christmas breakie or breakfast for those who’s not used to the Aussie lingo. This comes in an orange box and inside is the pudding wrapped in the bowl ready to be cooked.

Some photos might find you the curiosity to find one IF they might be importing this to the Philippines it’s worth a try…

Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Italian-Style Pudding is available at all Woolworths branches. For those based outside Australia check out your local supermarket for availability. LIKE Jamie Oliver on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @jamieoliver

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