Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bing Boy: Urban Asian Food Experience!

12.28.2013 – Bing Boy is one of the new food establishments that are getting some interesting feedback from local foodies in Australia. They are a new company that opened in 2011 that brings a fresh food experience defined being Asian inspired.

They are opening new stores left and right bringing authentic Urban Asian Street Food to Australia. They have opened a branch already at Myers Centre’s food court in Rundle Mall.

There will be three more branches opening in the next two months in South Australia.

Wrapped in a simple packaging allows you to eat it without messing up. The thin wheat omelette wrap with various fillings scrumptious. Enhancing the (Chinese Crepes) “Jian Bing” history with a modern twist of different flavors represented in this unique concept.

If you haven’t seen anything like and how it was prepared and made watch this video below to find out how they prepare and serve it to you…

They may be serving for two years now but definitely made their brand popular. Its concept not only about being known being an Urban Asian Street Food, but also a healthy meal to have whenever you have the chance to grab a bite.

There are eight different fillings to choose from mixed with egg, green onions, coriander, sesame seeds & crispy wonton pieces served hot and fresh just like this lunch meal…

Bing Boy has branches in Queensland in Brisbane, South Australia in Adelaide and Victoria in Melbourne. For more news and updates LIKE Bing Boy on Facebook!

For a complete menu and details about their company visit:

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