Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coca-Cola Products in Australia!

12.29.2013 – Heading on a trip to Port Hughes a quick stop over at a nearby petrol station to fuel up. This is also time to have dinner at the BP (British Petroleum) fuel station, where most of the people who are heading up for the holidays are getting supplies too.

There checking out what their in-house convenient store had to offer, which is quite interesting that they have beverages that are not available in other countries. Of course you’ll be surprise that they also have their own version of a Slurpee with the Icy Whirl from Fanta which you can mix it too.

Having a quick dinner there where sodas served and Coca-Cola products there are dominating their rival. They have the limited time only Coke Lemon which you might find in some import section of your grocery.

There is various Coke version most you would see now is Coke Zero being served in food establishments. But there has never been much love for their Sprite product than the one with a “Zero” sugar version which can only be found in Australia.

And of course who would not want another variation of their version of the Slurpee in the Fanta Icy Whirl.

It’s more of a slush drink but it’s close to the 7 eleven product. Fanta is a Coca-Cola product that is “Royal Tru Orange” in the Philippines. It’s like Hungry Jack’s in Australia but outside their country they are well known as Burger King. The same goes to the Philippines having “Royal True Orange” but internationally it’s just Fanta that has more flavors for their Icy Whirl.

They “Frozen Sprite” from Maccas and “Frozen Coke” at Hungry Jacks drinks to cool their summer. Most of Australia’s convenient store has Fanta’s Icy Whirl. It’s quite interest to know how many variations they have with their products.

Probably it’s the marketing but if they offer these things to the Philippine consumer they can be a hit to probably for limited time only. Well with the exception of “Fanta” replacing it with “Royal” and adapting the Icy Whirl product it could be the next hit for the Philippine summer don’t you think?

Wishful thinking if the people behind the marketing of the Coca-cola products would listen but here’s hoping they at least bring one of these to the Philippines would be cool.

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