Monday, December 30, 2013

Peters Ice Cream's Zombie Snot!

12.30.2013– Peters Ice Cream of Australia is what Magnolia is known in the Philippines. The company has been around since 1907 named after Fred Peters serving some notable product throughout Australia to be known as the country’s ice cream.

On the way to the Biggest Rocking Horse in Gumeracha besides the Toy Factory and its popular tourist attraction a small café served Peters Ice Cream. They have the Zombies with two flavors which are Guts and Snot. The Cola flavored iced treat with a snotty lemon in the centre something you should try it out.

Taking a closer look at the Zombies Snot does not really intimidate you, but certainly captures that horrifying look from an undead. The packaging of course would appear a lot less conspicuous but for those Walking Dead fans would certainly like to have a bite of this interesting product from Peters Ice Cream.

Wrapped in a Zombie theme the Snot flavored Popsicle taste just right having cola as its primary base, while the centre of it is in green lemon. It’s quite tasty actually and just like the description of the flavor itself you’ll want to have second rounds.

The Guts flavor seems attractive, but most would suggest the Snot is different having a cola flavored treat with lemon is a good combination.

Peters Ice Cream serves this exclusively in Australia and no way it’s being sold for international markets. This is what makes this brand as Australia’s own that you can never have anywhere else.

Zombies Snot is produced by Peters Ice Cream of Australia and for more about the other products LIKE Peters Ice Cream Australia on Facebook!

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