Monday, December 30, 2013

Maccas Presents You The Mc Ozzie!

12.30.2013– How patriotic is the Mc Ozzie burger? The name itself speaks for the product Maccas is offering for the limited time only. After a long travel back from Port Hughes, and stopping over at the Biggest Rocking Horse in Australia anyone deserves a hearty dinner.

Last stop before heading home dinner time on a bright afternoon at Maccas, and the latest meal you’ll see is the Mc Ozzie burger with rich ingredients.

McDonald’s Australia certainly knows how their customers feel healthy with such interesting menu…

As early as now Maccas is serving their most patriotic burger with the return of the Mc Ozzie, and Australia day won’t be happening until January 26, 2014. The advertisement says it’s “the return” of the patriotic burger in Australia. Ever wonder if the Philippines have a patriotic burger too… But they already have Burger McDo which some would say is not the tastiest burger.

Maybe after seeing the images of the Mc Ozzie you’ll probably try to forget what the Burger McDo taste like. This one is a winner by image and taste for what you see in the product photo is what you’ll exactly get… Ladies and Gentlemen feast on Mc Ozzie...

If these images weren’t enough to say it’s the most colorful burger in the Maccas venue, maybe you’ll need to cool down also with their Frozen Sprite where you can mix and match flavors. Not to forget that it’s refillable which is also “bottomless” for those who gotten used with the English-Filipino lingo.

The Mc Ozzie is limited time only and the only thing to get your hands on this deliciously tasty burger is travel almost 12 hours all the way to Australia. The photos say it all but having it right now is something you’ll never forget.

Mc Ozzie… Ozzie Ozzie!

The Mc Ozzie is limited time only at Maccas in Australia and for more of their menu visit:

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