Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monster Energy has the Monster Import!

12.31.2013– If you got mad skills and always on the go sometimes you need the right kind of jolt to get things moving, and Monster Energy Drink may have that kick for you to have that extra boost of adrenaline rush just to burn the midnight oil.

Monster Energy Drink Australia has the Monster Import. You’ll be up all night getting things done with this brand. It has 550ml that’s more than the one being sold in the Philippines for only 437ml. Definitely you’ll be up not only all night but also during the early mornings of the day and Monster Import delivers…

What makes this even more unique than your usual Monster Energy is the can itself. Here’s the description that says it… “While in Europe last summer at the Spanish Moto GP, we saw a cool re-sealable can and knew it would be perfect for Monster. The can company said ‘Only in Europe.’ We said. ‘BS we got to have it!’

Of course we got the can and brewed up our own super-premium Monster Import formula. Import has a clean, smooth euro-flavour, less calories, but still gets you off as good as the original.

If you can open and close the can with one hand probably dated a lot when you were younger.”

“One Hand No Hassle!”

It might be exclusive to Australia probably the people behind Monster Energy in the Philippines can come up with the same idea, but different concept that is truly home grown just like the Monster Import for Australia.

Certainly something different how Monster Energy Drink do their thing in Australia, and they really know how to catch your attention giving you an alternative to have this Monster Import. The can always appear in black but the logo in front says differently and the cool concept of a re-sealable can is something you would want in your Monster Energy if you can’t finish up 437ml or event 550ml.

For someone on the go either in sports or just having maximum overtime at work this drink is for those, who would go further Monster Import might be the drink you’d want available in your convenient store or even in supermarkets.

Monster Import by Monster Energy Drink Australia is an exclusive home grown product. For more about Monster Import and their other brands LIKE Monster Energy on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @MonsterEnergyAU

Visit the official site at: MonsterEnergy.com

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