Friday, March 22, 2013

Burger King Dethroned from Quality.

03.22.2013 – Burger King has been synonymous with the tagline “Have It Your Way!” when they first established their store in 1997 with “drink all you can” unlimited drinks that got the Philippines attention to the point that it became the not-so good side about some who abused it having to bring their own containers.

Over the years the “drink all you can” concept was discontinued due to higher cost of having the service that actually made sense.

The last time they had that particular service was over-the-counter in the mid-2000s to curb up the abuse having the beverage station separated from the counter.

What’s great about Burger King back then was not only the “drink all you can” concept but also the Kids Meal toys that produced better quality collectibles that children as well as grown ups started collecting until they discontinued it sometime in 2008.

The ownership of the franchise was past from Ayala Land Corporation to Manny Pangilinan’s company to its current owner and former Philippine fast food rival in Jollibee Food Corporation who manages the remaining outlets. Burger King out lives other American fast food restaurants like Jack in the Box, Popeye’s Chicken and Carl’s Jr (which had opened its stores twice but didn’t last its own popularity) for being around for almost sixteen years of existence.

The quality of the food is still there but the service and how it was being managed have a slow steady decline over the years. But the trademark Whopper that makes Burger King known is still there but the cost mostly targeted at higher markets as compared to Jollibee catering the masses.

The service has been not is a good as compared to the food as a personal experience. You order for your meal and reiterated “no ice” but give you the one you didn’t order. There must be a problem with some of the trained representatives about their listening skills.

They can give others a bad reputation the same goes to the big two fast food restaurants but BK should stay high with not only with the quality and good value for their food but also the trained employees who should at least have an ear to listen not just accept the payment and set the orders.

It might be more difficult job if you multi-task unlike seated taking a customer service call in a contact center somewhere.

Burger King should listen to their customer’s wants as beside getting good quality on food and value for their money regardless if you’re serving a Filipino or a foreigner who just wants a taste of their “home” away from their country.

But then again it’s up to Jollibee Food Corporation how they will maintain the “freshness” of Burger King it’s the company’s name that at stake being known in North America let’s hope they bring back at least some of their trademark products aside from their great tasting Whopper.

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