Saturday, March 30, 2013

Homemade Meals: Oatmeal Burger!

03.30.2013 – Homemade food is something different than what you eat in fast food restaurants. It’s something of small accomplishment that you can survive making your own food without the need of spending too much plus it’s a learning experience.

For this Black Saturday a simple but “experimental” burger comes to mind inspired by a Filipino comic book artist who loves to cook food in Lico Reloj.

A few months back he posted last February when he shared a quick way to have a good burger to eat at the confines of your home.

Eventually this little experiment about cooking burgers at home takes on his original idea cooked for more than just four people.

The ingredients of course are simple that you can find in your nearby grocery as prepared they are as follows…

1 Kilo lean ground beef
2 Packs of Barrio Fiesta Pork & Chicken BBQ Marinade Mix
½ Cup Quick Cooking Oats
2 Eggs

Basically there are no procedures you just mix all them up in one batch as you can see the details of the photo how it was done.

You mix them all up in one big bowl and as Lico would say “One important tip I learned from cooking class: If it smells good then it will taste good.” Definitely he was right about one thing when this was being done.

At first we only tried experimenting using one pack of the Barrio Fiesta Pork & Chicken BBQ Marinade Mix just to see if the taste was right and the grilling has begun.

Few minutes later the first two burger patties got a taste test that finding out you actually need two packs of that marinade mix just to get the Pork and Chicken BBQ taste which was done in the next batch and what more could be great on having marathon of movies with burger patties is a glass of that Australian Red Wine.

It’s quite an accomplishment to have cooked Lico’s experimental burger as dubbed “The Oatmeal Burger” that has a good kick as presented with a burger bun and some other ingredients like a slice of tomato and other stuff you see.

Overall it’s a great experience you should try and there’s no limit what kind of marinade mix you want to put in your burger patty as this can be done and serves more than four people as what the ingredients applied in making this. Probably on next one will come up with something burger-related straight also from Lico’s ever growing recipe.

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