Thursday, March 21, 2013

In N' Out Burger Immediate Sold Out.

03.21.2013 – In N Out Burger set up a temporary shop at the Bonifacio High Street using Claw Daddy’s store as a test marketing on how Filipinos would give feedback to their famous hamburgers.

Established in 1948 In N’ Out first opened its original branch at Baldwin Park, California in USA founded by Harry and Esther Snyder that slowly expanded to Southern California. The company is Family owned and currently being managed by the founders’ only granddaughter in Lynsi Torres.

Reception on the much awaited burger joint has been covered by the media during the early parts just to take a glimpse of how everyone waited just to get this chance.

The Pop up store started giving away these bracelets that would allow you to purchase a meal as early as 8 AM and the line started to trickle in numbers and by the time it was noon they had cut the line.

Food Reel Inc was the one who organized the test market with In N’ Out Burger representatives who has been also setting up pop up stores in countries such as China, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Ukraine, and Singapore to name a few stops they conducted this research.

Some think it was an event that In N’ Out Burger mistakenly opened up a branch in the Philippines but to clear things up the family owned company does not have a store in Asia. But there is hope that the country will be one of the first as the reception was a positive turn where they sold more than 200 burgers earlier today.

For those who where fortunate enough to stand in line most of those who have been to the US and had the chance to eat at In N’ Out would say that there was no difference in the taste of their burgers as they don’t want to change the way it was cooked.

So the demand for an In N’ Out Burger to open in the Philippines looks up there in their list as they also look on how Filipinos would find the taste of their product as well as the personal reception goes would truly put the country in their map.

For now let’s hope to see this happen on the second try they have a pop up store to get the country’s attention and if you think we deserve a branch LIKE the Facebook Page Petition which was set up by When in Manila’s Vince Golangco!

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