Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Liz Cakes Special Homemade Cupcake Treats!

03.20.2013 – Liz Cakes by Liza Dee started out as a personal hobby baking cakes and cupcakes for her family and close friends.

The reception mostly was positive especially for her young tasters who appreciate her creations.

The hobby that Liza passionately nurtured over the years became a small business she catered to friends who would continue appreciation in having tasted her homemade creations that started to become a word of mouth that began in the last quarter of 2012.

Liz Cakes are special that it’s done by order and her popular cupcakes are quite as interesting as they taste real good. She sent samples of her specially made Chocolate with Dark Chocolate that has a drop of peppermint filling to balance the sweetness and bitter taste that is rarely can be found in other cupcakes.

She has other interesting flavors but this Chocolate cupcake makes it different and unique having a Dark Chocolate filling added that has peppermint mixed in it definitely gives you something to crave about. The best way to eat this Chocolate cupcake is biting half of it to have that balance taste. Just to avoid the messy way of eating one as they break up easily due to having a filling inside. But once you take one bite you’ll find it to try some more.

A closer look inside the Chocolate cupcake and its filling makes you want to try some. Definitely Liza Dee will take your order as she sells six cupcakes for PhP 250.00 pesos or get a dozen assortments for PhP 500.00 pesos. Definitely you’ll find her cupcakes interesting as she has other options for you.

Liz Cakes by Liza Dee can be found on Facebook LIKE the Official Page for more inquiries and her other products online!

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