Friday, March 1, 2013

Chefs on Parade 2013: Chef Bruce Lim & Total Gaz!

03.01.2013 – Asian Food Channel’s very own Chef Bruce Lim demonstrated his cooking prowess during the second day of Chefs on Parade 2013. The special segment sponsored by Total Gaz was a hit among the students of Dela Salle St. Benilde.

Chef Bruce prepared original two pastas and three sandwiches from his own recipe which everyone had the experience to have tasted his samples. The talk was an open forum where students ask questions about Chef Bruce and his cooking team preferably his assistant JC that he calls “Monkey.”

The special segment presented by Total Gaz was a casual afternoon talk not only about cooking but the usual conversation with Chef Bruce providing humor.

If you missed Chef Bruce’s cooking and his brand of humor a collection photos was taken during two hour special segment. He talked about his beginnings as a Chef and the pressures of being a celebrity in the cooking industry.

Here are some collections of photos taken during the segment with Chef Bruce Lim:

Chefs on Parade 2013 happen every two years and the segment that featured Chef Bruce Lim is presented by Total Gaz putting safety in your kitchen!

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