Monday, October 15, 2012

Behind The Scenes with McDonald's Burgers!

10.15.2012 – We always eat at these fast food restaurants because how they represent their products. Sometimes what we buy in the menu does not come out the same as the actual product. But one customer sent a message to McDonald’s Canada about that particular inquiry.

Hope Bagozzi, Director of McDonald’s Canada answers the question by a customer and she takes us for a tour of a behind-the-scene look how they produce these mouth-watering images that we take for granted whenever we’re at our nearest fast food joint.

Though Ms. Bagozzi has revelealed McDonald’s secret on how they put up an amazing image compared to the actual product. McDonald’s Singapore sometimes doesn’t need a food style specialist to make their products look good only on paper. But the product itself looks like it’s being photo shopped for real as what we experience eating the Chicken Teriyaki McGrill during our trip last month.

But the revelations on how McDonald’s bring their food look good on paper regardless we’re still going to buy them and here’s Hope to share this story…

McDonald’s Philippines would have the same approach but if you want to know more about their promos end events LIKE the Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter at @McDo_PH

Visit the website at: McDonald.Com.PH

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