Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ulalammm... Sisig na Astig!

10.30.2012 – What is Ulalammm? Ulam is dish in English and it could be in another term as entrée, viand, and victuals. It’s the one that Filipinos eat with their rice and it could be meat, fish or anything that would go with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ulalammm has been getting TV exposure via the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) games as audience who gets volunteered to market the product in-between.

Originally the product was launched sometime in 2010 but interest is not as big as established products out there.

Ulalammm is a ready-to-eat food which has ten flavours to choose from but for but last night the nearest 7-Eleven store in the neighbourhood along the way has only “Sisig na Astig” which was barely seen in shelves if you don’t look hard enough.

The one we purchased was for PhP 19.00 pesos which are understandable being sold in convenience stores versus in groceries that are originally priced at PhP 15.00 pesos. It’s an instant dish for people who have no time to cook for their meal and just like any of these packs they carry nutritional facts. The packaging is colourful and has the photo of the dish as described.

The details and nutritional facts can be found behind the packaging where the details also state that you don’t need to put this in the microwave to have it cooked or warmed. You need a warm rice to appreciate the dish.

Sisig is one of the Philippines’ known dishes and upon open the packaging it doesn’t looked like it’s the one in photo.

It doesn’t exactly taste like Sisig but it is just a right mix for your warm rice. It’s a bit oily though but well enough for a good instant serving. Ulalammm would definitely give you curiosity if you see it being advertised during the PBA regular season games.

There are questionable nutritional facts like the high Saturated Fat of 8g which is 39% of Daily Value. But overall you should try having one for those times that you have a hectic day.


Ulalammm is priced at PhP 15.00 pesos in leading super markets nationwide from Concept Foods. For more of this product LIKE and be a fan on Facebook.

You can also follow on Twitter: @UlalammmRTE

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