Sunday, September 2, 2012

Singapore 2012: A Taste of Chicken Teriyaki McGrill!

09.02.2012 – After a quick look around at the Great City Mall here in Singapore we decided to eat a very late lunch before going back to Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Con (STGCC) at the Marina Bay Sands.

Since there was no other fast food restaurant with the area we decided to dine at McDonald’s.

Of course most menus from McDonald’s in Singapore have the same one in another country but it varies on the culture you serve with some menus doesn’t have like for example in the Philippines. In Singapore they have this Chicken Teriyaki McGrill that we tried.

The sight on this meal is huge and wide once you open the box. This might be an exclusive in Singapore and there’s none being served back home in the Philippine so we tried. The last time I had McDonald’s here back in 2009 I didn’t take the advantage in eating the ones that are only served in Singapore.

This time around we got that chance to indulge on the Chicken Teriyaki McGril and if these images don’t make you hungry at least we’ve given you something to crave about…

The other part of difference McDonald’s have is they serve also Milo cold drink to go with your large fries (which is super large in the Philippines). It would take you half an hour to finish one McGrill but definitely all worth it.

Chicken Teriyaki McGrill is sold only in McDonald’s Singapore and if you’re in the country have the chance to try this meal certainly mouth-watering.

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