Saturday, September 1, 2012

Singapore 2012: The Spicy Red Crab at Lau Pa Sat!

09.01.2012 – Singapore is rich with not only related to art and culture but also with the interesting cuisine. Though in our short trip we manage to have the rare opportunity to taste some of their local dish and this was after the first day at Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC).

Comic book artist and Youtube Cult blogger Gerry Alanguilan was craving for Red Crab since he arrives in the Red Dot Island. So in its truest fashion our friends from Komikon Inc decided to treat the Filipino artist at Lau Pa Sat one of the local hawkers that we dined previously after arriving Friday afternoon.

It’s where all kinds of delicacy can be found from all over the Asian region and here we are dining at the center of it all.

Besides the main dish in red crab we had noodles, barbecue, and fish as our dinner after a much anticipated event in STGCC 2012. If you happen to be visiting Singapore and looking for an original dish you should try the red crab as Gerry had today.

This collection of images from our dinner night at Lau Pa Sat would certainly give you cravings of the food shots up close especially the red crab the main dish…

Special acknowledgments to our friends at Komikon Inc for the dinner treat we had at Lau Pa Sat and if you’re into Filipino comics and the local culture check out their events at: Komikon.Org

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