Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fancy Burger | Going El Loco!

03.04.2017 – Last night’s dinner at Fancy Burgers was probably one of the highlights before heading at The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

The Adelaide Fringe has been happening since February 16th and it won’t wrap up until March 19th, which is one of the biggest events happening this side of South Australia.

The food at Fancy Burgers is Gluten Friendly as advertised and this is the second time having dined here since arriving in the second week of December 2016.

Definitely after having Outback Stack the last time exploring the spicy El Loco was next…

Several things in mind that most in Fancy Burgers is an original having Outback Stack that had Kangaroo meat was the first, but this time trying out El Loco with a bit of Mexican cuisine was something to look forward to, since I haven’t had a spicy burger in a long time and this was an interesting treat since a friend invited me and his other three friends to try something out.

EL LOCO consists of 100% South Aussie beef, smoked chilli mayo, jalapenos, cheddar, lettuce, hot ketchup. Served on a Brioche Bun with reasonable price at $11.50 AUD like PhP 425.50 pesos for just a modest sandwich, but the cost is just about right if you want a quality meal.

Not to compare the Outback Stack from almost three month’s ago consuming this was faster comparing to slaying a burger with a Kangaroo meat. So this one was more mouth watering in taste and image with the texture of the color is right you’ll go loco with El Loco and just like Australia quality is just right. The green lettuce color blends in with the cheddar and this worth every Aussie dollar.

I would highly recommend trying out Fancy Burger’s other menu if and when you get the chance to travel to South Australia this joint is one of the good places to dine in if you really want quality meal worth your budget.

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