Saturday, February 4, 2017

KFC Australia | The Zinger Lunch

02.04.2017 – Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Australia is more popular for its burgers and its core product which is its fried chicken.

It’s one of the very few inexpensive go to lunch meals if you’re on a budget for less than $10 Australian dollars, which was the best bargain if you’re Filipino living in a foreign land.

Unlike in the Philippines where when you talk about lunch there’s always rice involve, but just like the Americans the menu in Australia consists of what the basic meal they have minus the rice that's the usual meal if you’re an Asian or particularly a Filipino and that’s why having lunch at KFC involves a Zinger.

For the past months it’s mostly KFC as a the meal of choice for someone who has been living in South Australia. It’s the only fast food restaurant that’s left inside Westfield Marion after two McDonald’s stores and one Hungry Jack’s (Burger King) branch moved out which leaves a KFC store left standing at the second level of the mall’s food court (Yes, they don’t have a basement at this mall).

Lunch has been passed and this would be considered a meal, but KFC’s go to lunch for $5.25 AUD consist of a Zinger Burger, Larch Fries, and Pepsi drink (Yes, Pepsi products is the original drink for KFC outside the Philippines). But I didn’t ordered Pepsis but a Solo Lemon Soda, which is more like their version of a Royal Tru Orange but lemon-flavoured.

THAT Meaty Zinger

KFC in Australia have the best Zingers for you to choose from, but the basic Zinger that was included in the burger lunch meal was not the kind that you get from the Philippines, which to be blunt stingy with its meat in its sandwich. I was expecting a ‘lite meal’ but this is not what you expected.

The Zinger served from this lunch meal was supposed to be ‘medium in size’ but they don’t have that kind of definition as ‘large’ pretty much is ‘normal’ when you don’t usually order burgers at KFC and they’re really giving you good value under $10 Australian Dollars which is unexpected.

Not-So Medium Fries

When you talk about ordering a ‘medium fries’ in KFC Australia there’s no such thing as ‘stingy medium’ they give you what you want in a lunch meal, which is a ‘large’ fries included as a side for the zinger burger. They don’t look cheap when you just want to have a ‘lite meal’ to pass the time.

KFC Australia’s fries are large, long, and golden crisp that as their tagline ‘You Deserve It.’ for any burger lunch one must have this. You’d be mouth watering by now to have this type meal, but in the Philippines $5.25 AUD comes a long way when you convert it to PhP 295.00 pesos, but I stopped converting since being here.

Now that’s Lunch

Lunch meals should not be stingy because you expect a large serving. KFC Australia’s lunch meals may not have rice in their menu, but they definitely serve more for what you pay for not being given a stingy meal, and just like their ‘value meal’ every deserves a hearty lunch even if its past 1 PM in the afternoon.

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