Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Early Christmas Overload Treat from Greenwich Pizza!

11.23.2011 – Early in the morning while tuned-in to Monster Radio RX93.1's DJ Chico Garcia announced that he was about to host a special event for Greenwich with fellow DJ Cerah Hernandez. It would turn out to be more than just a special event by Greenwich.

It was revealed that Greenwich has an early Christmas treat for their regular customers as well as passersby that would have a good siesta time.

It was dubbed as the “Overloaded Pizza Blow Out!” This was actually an update courtesy of Hazel Aguilon another RX DJ who had a live feed at 11AM announced it.
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The “Overloaded Pizza Blow Out!” was actually a special Christmas treat by Greenwich where you get a free slice of that delectable Freshly Made Crust Pizza!

The event was held at the fourth level of SM Megamall branch where sought-after leading man and Greenwich endorser, John Lloyd Cruz was present and based on the evening news coverage showed his style in preparing a Greenwich pizza.

We didn’t get to witness the program that started at 12:30PM but from a distance you can see the crowd heckled whenever John Lloyd Cruz is seen by many.

The program as mentioned by Chico was tight and the live feed on Monster Radio RX93.1 by Hazel was a good message for everyone who happens to be nearby a great treat with a slice of the delicious pizza. We just happen to be in the area passing by and getting caught by the wave of appreciative crowd lining up for that FREE slice. Of course John Lloyd Cruz served the first ten people in line that stretched the line that spilled through the third floor stairway.

People are gearing up for the holidays this early, including me,” observed John Lloyd. “Of course, we all want to have the best holiday season ever and one way to do it is to give our loved ones the best Christmas gift we can think of.”

But if you have a long Christmas gift list like I do, choosing the right gift can be quite stressful. So what I do is give things I enjoy. It makes me feel good because it’s like sharing a part of you to people you love. It can be the latest CD of my favorite band or even favorite pizza-Greenwich, now better than ever!” he added.

Together with Greenwich R & D Head, Ms. Suzanne Cruz, John Lloyd showed the guests how Greenwich pizza satisfies the Filipino appetite with pleasure.

It was definitely an ultimate Hawaiian Overload with a FREE slice of pizza will be served in selected branches of Greenwich. The Philippines had the chance to taste 10,000 of that mouth-watering indulgence based on the photos we took earlier today.

Certainly an overload of treat that definitely made everyone who came and supported not only their favorite star in John Lloyd Cruz but also to Greenwich who gave us an early Christmas present.

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