Thursday, September 29, 2011

McDonald's Philippines leads a change in its 30th Anniversary Celebration!

09.29.2011 - McDonald’s in the Philippines celebrate its milestone 30th Anniversary. For three decades the great-tasting food, excellent service, and now a whole new kind of perspective to experience with simultaneous re-open of its four stores in Metro Manila which includes branches in Greenhills, North Avenue, Quezon Avenue and Makati Cinema Square on September 30, 2011.

The unveiling of the stylish and modern stores is a good time for the changing lifestyles of its Filipino customers to see and experience. This month is going to be big for the restaurant that Ray Croc built in North America as four of the mentioned stores in the Philippines get a new look.

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When the first McDonald’s was built in Morayta in 1981, Filipinos flocked to the store and just kept coming back,” said Margot Torres, McDonald’s Philippines Vice President for Marketing. “Thirty years later, McDonald’s has grown together with its customers and to reinforce our commitment to our customers we will continue to provide value for money quality products, innovative service, and of course the best restaurant environment—seen with our new store designs.

The four stores get a major change adapting a different design concept seen in other McDonald’s stores all over the world. The modernized spacious dining area gets comfortable which is complemented with splashed of colors and dynamic graphics inspired by architectural accents.

The new store gets a sleek design which reflects not only changing the Filipino lifestyle, but mirrors the diversity of its customers who visit the store. The Makati Cinema Square branch had a major facelift now with subdue hue of colors which bears a design of savvy graphics. This branch gives you a relaxing feeling of being at home. Open 24 hours a day, McDonald’s Makati Cinema square will surely be a haven for hard-working Filipinos looking for break after a long day at the office.

The press launch earlier today gave us some detailed information regarding the changes as well as a short trivia game about the history of McDonald’s Philippines orchestrated by Ronald McDonald himself. They served regular fries and a McSpaghetti which includes a single piece chicken.

Did you know that McDonald’s in the Philippines is 100% percent Filipino owned? It’s only in this country you’ll see Burger McDo, McSpaghetti, and McChicken served as part of the menu. Though some of us would miss the regular Hamburger it did changed the way we crave for the Burger McDo.

It’s an interesting tidbit that McDonald’s Philippines is making their company personalized their menu to the Filipino taste a testament in pioneering spirit – an inherent characteristic of the beloved brand. McDonald’s lead the progressive change in the industry, and is the driving force behind its success.

As we celebrate our 30th year, we are excited for the next 30, 60, 90 years. Re-opening these 4 stores with new, modern designs is only the beginning,” said Torres. “We want to give our customers more and more reasons to visit McDonald’s and give them a restaurant experience they can enjoy only at McDonald's."

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