Sunday, March 13, 2011

Airline Food Served Above The Friendly Skies!

03.13.2011 - Ever wonder how airline food taste like? Rarely I see anyone writes about the food being served on board a plane.

Well with the exception of domestic flights in the Philippines this one is about the food served through international flights. Traveling to Korea via Philippine Airlines was a first, and for almost four hours on the plane there's food to be served.

In the first hour in mid-air travel Philippine Airlines served a meal, that you have choice to request for chicken or beef. The one served was with chicken with rice, and has desserts to go with it.

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The pudding was good and the bread with butter was just fine. They also served salad which is included in the meal. Its been a while since I had the experience to have food served during air travel.

Sharing you a view from the table on-board Philippine Airlines, while havign a good treat above the clouds...

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