Sunday, February 27, 2011

Taste The Flavors in the South with Alveo!

02.27.2011 - Early morning travels to the south is no longer the way it used to be.

Before in those times it was like a trip to the province.

In this modern times going to places in the south is just a ride a away.

Alveo communities in the South is not just any other place.
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The vibrance, creative, and diverse lifestyle is also celebrated in these three elements that make up this new sanctuary. After getting a glimpse of the Alveo Southside District namely the communities of Verdana Homes Mamplasan, Venare, and Treveia.

This time around we get to taste the a distinc quality shared by authentic Filipino-made dishes. The cuisines of the South showcase the innovation, vibrancy, and creativity of the Filipino culture.

The welcome drinks comes in two a non-alcohol and alcohol beverages. Mostly a lot had come to take the Sapak Punch by Chef Jackie Laudico for Venare Nuvali. The alcohol one comes with a water melon and the non-alcohol is the one that came with a flower.

The appetizer was quite invigorating which is the Smiked Bangus and Salted Egg Spring Roll with Mango Salsa on Shot Glasses by Chef Florabel Co-Yatco for Treviea Nuvali. Its a unique way to serve a Spring Roll on a Shot glass.

Probably the most favored in the course of tasting the food was the soup. They describe it the Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup with Tortilla Crisp. Tomato Brunoise, Fresh Herbs, and Parmesan by Chef Roxs Cailao for Verdana Homes Mamplasan.

Next on the platter is the salad. Laguna Kesong Puti and Native Tomato Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette by Chef Florabel Co-Yatco for Treviea Nuvali.

The main course was also unforgettable which is the Vavarian of lamb with Olive oil, garlic, and Rosemary, served on a bed of Orzo Pilaf by Chef Roxs Cailao for Verdana Homes Mamplasan.

Sweets are not forgotten with the dessert. Panutsa-inspired Roasted Peanut, Tart Garnish with Coconut Tuille by Chef Jackie Laudico for Venare Nuvali.

Overall it was one sumptous meal after another in tasting the flavors of Alveo, and being an upscale community its definitely mixed with its own innovations. Though they have stick to the Filipino taste, that is unforgetable at the same time mesmerizing in giving us the chance to have this rare experience.

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