Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Helpful Travel Tips on Baggage and Stuff.

12.29.2010 - Its been a long time since I went somewhere, that needs to fly from one place or another.

Actually that was last year when I went to Singapore on my own. Travel is not in my system which usually rare foe me to experience.

I'm way out of my comfort space which is good. Uncharted from the regular routine in the big city.
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Now that I got myself out of the open I try to get back to the steps of traveling, which definitely I want to do most often than stuck in populated place.

These days even though your traveling within your region or out of the country preparations should be ahead of time. You'll never know what's gonna happen when you reach the airport. These days they are strict with procedures and guidelines what not to or what to bring. The domestic airport has definite guidelines and it was easy to follow, and you just to be well aware about it.

So far its a helpful tip everyone who rarely go flying off somewhere. I'm no expert with travel which I'm still learning with that discipline. I slip off being caught unprepared is not an excuse.

Though for those traveler's out there here's a just simple two tips...

Anything liquid that you might be packing in your hand carry like toothpaste, shampoo, body spray or that mouthwash. Not to forget mineral or any bottled water is no longer prohibited. Make sure you keep that in mind but you can have it packed in the bags your gonna have to check it with the baggage officer.

When you check in a big luggage make sure you know what's the standard weight. If you go over the given restricted weight your gonna pay extra. The standard check-in baggage is only allowed for fifteen kilos. In other airlines such Philippine Airline they only allowed you to carry nine kilos of hand carry.

These two things would help out and the rest well you'll get the idea with regards the x-rays and screenigns and other important procedures. I'm just amazed regarding the differnce with Fragile and regular check-in baggage being thrown around.

One more thing regarding check-ins make sure you indicate regarding the content of your baggage to make sure they will know if its Fragile. You don't want to see those stuff broken up in a few pieces during transit.

Once everything is secured buckle up and turn off your mobile devices. Some people tend to forget about these even if the plane just touched down. Some of us Filipinos lack discipline to follow proceudres.

Too excited much... Yeah its kinda insane right? But overall just keep in mind about what your doing and you won't miss a step and be alert.

Happy travel then.

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