Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enjoy A Bounty Fresh Chicken!

10.14.2010 - Bounty Fresh Chicken is not only about just another poultry that you see at your regular supermarket. They are presenting their product by embracing a healthier lifestyle by giving us the freshest chicken in its highest quality.

Not only that they bring the freshest greens and fruit to the cleanest meats which already include poultry.
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A Filipino-owend company, Bounty Fresh Chicken: The leading and fastest growing suppliers of high quality chicken products is bringing you the stamp of Filipino excellence with high regard to staying true to their principle providing only the best products for every Filipino household.

The Ernst & young Entrpreneur of the Year 2010 Awardee as well as the 2009 Asian Livestock Awardee showed us the best practices and its secrets behind the Asia's Best in the broiler category in its recently concluded multi-media event called “1st Online Product Launce and Quad-Media Day.

The experience of tasting these dishes by Culinary Expert Chef Bruce Lim simply astounds the most experience food taster. Simply with the proper ingredients and with Bounty Fresh Chicken you can really know how good your meal would be.

Hosted by Suzie Entrata she introduced us to the the people behind Bounty Fresh Chicken namely Patricia Cheng, Bounty Fresh Brand Marketing Group Head. We also get to hear more about the product from Kathy Gomez, Bounty Frsh Assistant Brand Manager for POrocessed Meat & Fresh chicken. She also discussed about the health hazards of eating and how they teached us how to choose the right product in groceries as well as in the local meat market.

The cooking exhibition was an entertaining scene seeing Chef Bruce Lim and his crew in action with balding uniformity hardly missed to notice. One lucky guest won the portable DVD player to cap the program.

Many thanks to Chef's Table Restaurant for the free flowing coffee, soda, and ice tea. As well as the food experience getting to taste some of Bounty Fresh Chicken products.

If you like Bounty Fresh Chicken then its easy for you to LIKE the facebook page for more updates in their products too.

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