Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Birthday Cake from the Mayor!

04.03.2013 – If you’re a resident of the Makati City Business District and a senior citizen who is a resident there’s a chance that you’ll be eligible to receive a treat from the mayor’s office. It has been part of the city of Makati to give their resident senior citizen something to be happy about.

There has been no other city like Makati to send them a box of cake on their birthday. This has been implemented by the then mayor of Makati some seven years ago as part of the city ordinance.

It was also renewed by the current mayor to the current supplier of cakes which was not mentioned.

The government of Makati delivers the cake in person and in the previous years they have sent them it varies on the flavour and who made it. There was a time they sent carrot cakes as themes but for this year it’s a simple cake with the mayor’s name signed in it.

Probably in other cities like Metro Manila, Quezon City or Paranaque City to name a few have their own kind of ordinance for their residence but the government of Makati has been consistent.

It’s definitely quite a surprise if you receive a cake on your birthday and we’re pretty sure those senior citizens out there would feel that little appreciation rarely given to anyone who is celebrating their day. The cake is simple which includes one candle for you’re to light up for that one birthday wish. But the cake will give you the cravings just look at this picture…

This does not happen every day but getting a cake from the mayor’s office is something Makati residence should feel appreciative.

Now off to get a knife to have that slice right now!

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