Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Enderun 101 Restaurant's Special Menu!

05.22.2012 – We recently had our tummies full thanks to Enderun 101 Restaurant where the Bausch + Lomb held a press launch and announced opening a Philippine office to deliver eye health solutions to doctors and patients.

Certainly there was no medical help here when they held the event at the posh X Masion-like school for the gifted people who know how to cook at Enderun University located way past Venice Piazza beside the Accenture office in McKinley Hill.

There was already a menu for the guest to choose for the main course.

We where all still recovering from the slow-cooked Top Beef Blade that we devoured and almost forgot about the event. It was a hearty meal prior to the program but it took a sort of process as noted in our menu.

The slice of cheese was for the bread that was served prior to the Poached Salmon Filet coated with Herb-olive dressing with Warm Potato Salad. The Salmon is soft and has quite taste as we slowly nourished its fine tasting feeling.

A few minutes later the waiters arrived to clean up the table and bring in Pumpkin Cream Soup with Toasted Almonds which has left a taste that each of us defined as warm and unforgettable. Prior to the serving of the meal we where asked which drink shall we take and most of what they have are Four Seasons, Pineapple, and Orange juice. They also served sodas in a can but decided on the Four Season.

Between conversations we try to finish off the Pumpkin Cream Soup with Toasted Almonds. The waiter assigned on our table already approached us which maind course shall we get.

There were two options: There was the Broiled White Fish Fillet on Lemongrass Pilaf Rice with Pineapple Beurre Blanc and the Slow-cooked Beef Top Blade with Fried Potato Wedgedsand Shallot Barolo Sauce.

Of course most of us in the table ordered Slow-cooked Beef Top Blade with Fried Potato Wedgedsand Shallot Barolo Sauce.

It took almost an hour before we finally prepared our forks and knives in taking the down the thick red meat of the Beef Top Blade. It was like going through a meat fight so to speak in devouring this high grade memorable meal.

Personally it was less than ten minutes for some of us to take this in our hungry belly. At the same time the main host announced the program will start in the few minutes. By the time we finished eating the thick beef program starts.

In between the discussion about the products and the benefits of opening a Philippine office we where treated for a dessert. The Cheesecake with Forest Berry Confit which lasted less than wrestling with a beef was clean from the plate for its sweetness.

After the program we where treated for a warm black coffee which has options for you to add cream with sugar or nothing at all. In the end we felt satisfied with Enderun 101 Restaurant’s food.

If you’re around the area and thinking of trying the upper crust of good food check out Enderun 101 you’ll surely be treated to great food and an unforgettable meal.

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