Thursday, January 26, 2012

EastWest Bank serves eye catching dishes!

01.26.2012 – Earlier yesterday EastWest Bank held a special thanks giving for the media and friends who supported their campaign for the past year. The afternoon was full of good news as they revealed their new look and logo for the brand.

EastWest Bank had gradually changed their image in 2011 from introducing their image endorser in Derek Ramsay for the Auto Loan and having a road trip with him in Tagaytay.

They had held a special event not only to celebrate the Chinese New Year but also feeding the media with mouth watering abundance of food.

If you don’t want to be hungry we suggest to stay away from the photos you are about to see as we bring you some images taken during the thanks giving held at the Hyatt Hotel.

Certainly this will make you hungry as they have served quite a meal earlier today that would last us up to dinner full with our appetite that can’t contain. We hardly touched the dessert as we had devoured these dishes like there’s tomorrow.

For those who can take the image as something to inspire about cooking and just loving anything food this one’s for you…

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