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The Gardens at Crosswinds!

08.28.2011 - Breathtaking and with lush pine trees makes Crosswinds looks like it came from the picture book of awesome scenery. The 100-hectare Swiss inspired community developed in 1996 recently launched “The Gardens at Crosswinds” a contest for professional landscape artists who drew lots of work on 5 different areas in Crosswinds, namely: The Sales Office, The Christmas Store, Delemont 165 Model Unit, the Christmas Village and the Montreux Gardens View Deck.

The competition was launched on July 30, 2011 and the exclusive first preview of the full floral display and judging took place on August 27, 2011. There were 6 panel judges who awarded the grand prize of PhP 100,000.00 pesos.
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The six panels judges is a mixed of personalities and VIPs from the field of business, entertainment, and architecture. The judges at the event were present to see the five creative landscapes.

Present judges at the event are Kuh Ledesma, Jing Serrano, Camille Vilar, Ferando Sanchez, and Romeo Sabater. The only judge who was not available was Ms. Jodie Santamaria.

The participants of this event was introduced in front of the judges at the Sales Office, since rain was pouring it was held indoors. The warm and cozy room at the Sales Office was lighted up with the introduction of each participant…

1. Rolita V. Spowart is the owner of VS Orchids. She also owns two farms, one in Bulacan, and one in Amadeo, Cavite. She was the President of the Philippine Orchid Society and is currently an officer in the organization. She has exhibited in the Philippine Orchid Society Show and the Los Baños Horticulture Society. Rolita has won numerous best awards in plant exhibits including honors abroad such as Singapore, China and Malaysia. She has recently designed the Philippine booth in the recent Taipei International Floral Show. She is a breeder of orchids and has named them after well-known personalities locally.

2. Fred Salud is the owner of Greenspell Plants. He is a former member of the board of directors of the Philippine Orchid Society and Philippine Horticultural Society. He has exhibited for both organizations and won numerous best awards in plants and landscapes. Fred has also exhibited abroad and collaborated in the recent Taipei International Floral Show. A grower of exotic plants, Fred also has done landscaping for local celebrities. Besides plants, his other passion in life is dogs. He is consistently a top judge in the canine shows, both locally and abroad.

3. Rex Puentespina is the owner of the Puentespina Orchids and the Malagos Resort in Davao City. He is also the owner of Waling Waling Flowers, an importer of flowers from Netherlands. Rex is the former President of the Philippine Orchid Society and is presently the Vice President. He has exhibited in different shows here and abroad and has won numerous best awards for their plants and landscapes.

4. Myrna Frago is the owner of Forestwoods and has exhibited in the Anilag Show and the Los Baños Horticulture society. She recently won the Most Outstanding Exhibited booth in the Los Baños flower and garden show.

5. Vicente Ma. Jose M. Ferrer is from My Mother’s Garden, which originally started in 1987 as a supplier / exporter of natural colored pebble stones. They export internationally to Japan, China, Malaysia and South Korea. In 1997, they started offering landscape services specializing in designing and building exquisite outdoor living spaces customized to the aesthetic environment and personal needs of their clients. With a very impressive client roster including the top developers in the country, My Mother’s Garden is one of the best in the business.

The event was covered by the media to give exposure to all the participants who had put their heart in making each of their masterpieces unique. Under the rain all five entries was quite attractive for everyone to witness. Each place was set with a quick mini ribbon-cutting ceremony for the media and VIPs to see.
They started the tour after the introduction of the judges and participants then went off to see each five designated entries for the judges to witness. After the tour we headed back for a late lunch and acknowledgements of the judges and participants.

Crosswinds set out to be a different world that is surreal and quite an unforgettable to visit.

About Crosswinds:

Crosswind in Tagaytay City definitely is an attracting place to live and a prime leisure investment that is certainly worth settling down. It’s a perfect vacation home away from the hustle and bustle of the metro. The spectacular rolling terrain and the crisp scent of 20,000 pine trees planted in the community is quite an attraction to see.

They offer a wide array of choices you can invest on with that cold Tagaytay fog that anyone could not resist. There are custom home sites where you can build your dream residence such as the recently launched Montreux Gardens. The house and lot packages for single, detached, duplex and quad units are enticing to see. Plus they have the enclave of Midrise condominium units called “The Grand Quarter.”

For those who want the Crosswinds experience they are offering hotel accommodations sat the Crosswinds Resorts Suites. This is being handled by Hospitality International Inc., the Resort Suits is perfect for those long weekend getaways.

Certainly a place you should see for yourself if you plan for the future or just want to spend the weekend with your families and loves ones.

For more about Crosswinds visit their website at: or give them a call at: 794-9999 for more details.

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