Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Mart at Bongpyeong in Tongyeong City.

03.15.2011 - If anyone is n familiar with Top Mart its one of the the well known supermarkets in Korea.

In the Philippines they have mini Top Mart located in Korean shops and bars. One branch is located somewhere in Makati, and that's why the logo is very much familiar.

Last night I got to check out one of their largest branches in Bongpyeong in Tongyeong City.

Its similar to Shopwise supermarkets in the Philippines, but mostly Korean food and other products are being sold.

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Interesting stuff that are almost the same, but there are some stuff which are qute unique that are not available in the Philippines.

For now sharing you another piece of Korea life through their food, lifestyle, and adventure where to travel and having a good bite of the culture. Check out these photos inside Top Mart...

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