Friday, February 4, 2011

Sango! The Burger Master Dine-In at Creekside!

02.04.2011 - Sango! The Burger Master is one of the rare Japanese burger stores you'll hardly notice among the local burgers joints in the Philippines.

Sango house a variety of choices for you to indulge in their long list of menu.

Interesting list of food can be seen in their website, where you can also see the list for you to choose from.
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Sango has three branches located in Shangri-la plazamall in Ortigas, Creekside Mall along Mile Long in Makati, and at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell Center also in Makati. They also do delivery service.

Based on the branch we had dined at Creekside Mall along Mile Long, the place is authetic Japanese Burger you'll come back for more. The most wanted Japanese Burger that everyone won't forget is the Yakiniku Kimuchi Rice Burger, which one fastfood chain had in their menu almost five years ago.

Its like being in Japan with the manga stacked in the shelves, and magazines well organized for your reading pleasure, while you wait for your order to be served. Even the bathroom is authetic Japanese with that hightech bowl.

Sango is definitely the Burger Master with a great menu and a cool place to hangout definitely a place to be.

If you haven't tried any of their delicious food here's a sample of photos for you to indulge...

Quite a place you should not miss dropping by and trying out their awesome authetic Japenese menu from Burgers to fries. Definitely the place to be at Sango! The Burger Master.

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