Friday, November 26, 2010

Reward Yourself With A Ice Breaker Scrambles!

11.26.2010 - Busy schedules and tough tims being serious at work? Probably you need an Ice Breaker Scrambles to calm down those stressful nerves. With Ice Breaker Scrambles you'll definitely get a kick out of cooling down with one quite dessert.

For the 12 ounce you get it pretty cheap for PhP 17.00 pesos. Not bad for something cold, sweet and delightful tasting treat.
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Who would not known about Ice Breaker Scrambles with that kind of budget you'll probably come back for more. Late night dessert would be one cool meltdown from all that stressful day at work. With Ice Breaker Scrambles you'll probably forget that you came from work.

Surely its gonna be the coolest way to chill, and reward yourself with a good Ice Breaker!

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